Romania and Global Finance

Andrei Radulescu

Andrei Rădulescu

Director, Macroeconomic Research, Banca Transilvania

  • Academic Achievements: Andrei Rădulescu is a distinguished economist, holding a Master’s degree from the University of Porto, a Ph.D. from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, and a post-doctoral degree from the Romanian Academy.
  • Professional Background: His journey includes roles in Corporate Finance at Banco Portugues de Investimento and macroeconomic research at the Portuguese Social Security Fund. Andrei later returned to Romania, contributing significantly to the capital markets, and currently serves as the Chief Economist at Banca Transilvania.
  • Teaching and Research: With over seven years in academia, Andrei is a Researcher at the Institute for World Economy of the Romanian Academy and he is a regular contributor to international macro-financial conferences and media outlets like Bloomberg
  • Recent Accolade: As of Dec 2023, Andrei is a proud member of the Bretton Woods Committee.

Course syllabus


Session 1: Romania and Global Finance

The Leu is amazingly stable. Can Romania join the Euro? Should it? For what benefits? Foreign Direct Investment – who invests in Romania? Can Romania be entitled the status of “emerging market economies” by MSCI and attract more financial investors? Will Romania’s inflation cool down? To what extent are interest rates (dobanda) hurting Romanian homeowners, real estate investors and Romanian consumers. Can BNR cut rates in 2024?


Session 2: Romania International Competitiveness

Full review of the competitiveness of Romania with respect to other countries in Eastern Europe: Salaries, predictability of the tax regimes. The Romanian twin deficits: Romanian government’s fiscal position is under watch while the current account deficit is drifting further Taxes in Romania: Corporate taxes, Personal Income taxes in 2024. What about the long-term determinants of growth in Romania: Education, infrastructure, healthcare, geopolitical stance.