Enterprise IT Management & Governance

Catalin Stoiovici

Cătălin Stoiovici

Head of Engineering, CAPCO

With a technology career spanning over 15+ years, Catalin Stoiovici is a seasoned technology leader at the forefront of Agile and DevOps transformations, multi-million-pound budget management, and robust engineering strategy execution.

As Managing Principal at Capco, he is part of the UK Technology leadership team, a testament to his strategic insight and leadership prowess. He has a consistent track record of delivering measurable results, from increasing release frequencies and reducing defect rates to constructing robust, high-throughput IT systems.

He champions a “Fail Fast, Learn Faster” culture that propels engineering efficiency, accelerates release velocity, and cultivates an outcome-focused delivery environment.

Catalin’s transformational leadership style extends beyond driving operational excellence to nurture high-performance teams. With robust hiring and retention strategies, the successful implementation of individual career development plans, and fostering of an enriching engineering culture, he excels in talent development. A lifelong learner, he firmly believes in continuous personal and professional growth.

He regularly takes the stage at industry conferences, sharing his knowledge and insights while staying abreast of the latest advancements and trends. He is dedicated to cultivating a learning culture within his teams, fostering curiosity, innovation, and adaptability.

In essence, he is a strategic thinker, a transformational leader, and a versatile technologist.

Course syllabus


Your department needs a new digital service -- Grasp the fundamentals of "Buy Vs Build Vs Partner"

Navigate the Complexities of IT Outsourcing • Gain a balanced understanding of the pros and cons of IT outsourcing, along with insights into types, best practices, and real-world case studies to make informed outsourcing decisions. (Quiz & Case-study)


Effective Teamwork and Agile Practices

Master communication strategies, Agile methodologies, and collaboration tools to navigate challenges and enhance team productivity in development projects (Game-Play)


Master Strategic Alignment and Portfolio Management

Learn the key pillars of strategic alignment, basics of portfolio management, and performance metrics like OKRs and QBRs to ensure IT projects align with business goals and optimise ROI.


Navigating Cloud Adoption for Executives

Acquire a foundational understanding of cloud computing, assess its strategic advantages, and gain insights into cost, risk management, and effective decision-making for successful cloud adoption and migration. (Demystification --Set-up a simple cloud infrastructure in the cloud (VM, database, security access))


Operational Excellence in IT (Optional)

Grasp the fundamentals of DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Architectures to foster a culture of continuous improvement, enhance scalability, and accelerate deployment in a modern software production landscape.


Enhancing Enterprise IT Security and Compliance (Optional)

Grasp key frameworks and regulations, manage IT risks, and align security initiatives with business goals to foster a compliant and secure operational environment.


In collaboration with Course "Generative AI for Developers" (Nicolas Boitout)

How GenAI transforms the IT industry (code generation, testing, DEVOPS, Infra)


In collaboration with Course "Leadership during the digital tranformation" (Andrei Romanescu)

Gain Prototyping Skills Understand best practices for creating IT project prototypes to help in better project planning and execution.