Sustainable business model

Cristina Balan

Cristina Bălan

Managing Partner of CSR BootIQ, and ViceChair of GRI Due Process Oversight Committee

Cristina Bălan is an entrepreneur, holding a degree in environmental studies and running CSR BootIQ, a Romanian sustainability consultancy.

As a consultant, she assists companies in developing sustainability strategies, impact and materiality analysis, and sustainability reporting.

She is a Certified GRI Sustainability Professional, certified in ISO20121 (event sustainability management system), ISO 20400 (sustainable procurement), and a licensed trainer. She is also the ViceChair of GRI’s Due Process Oversight Committee, and a Sustainability Advisor and Mentor within Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for SMEs.

Course syllabus


Revenue Generation Reimagined

“How is as as important as How Much”. Explore why the methods a company employs to generate revenue are becoming as crucial as the revenue amount itself. This section emphasizes the balance between ethical business practices and financial performance, encouraging a shift towards sustainable revenue models.


Sustainable Supply Chain and Traceability

Learn strategies to minimize greenwashing by enhancing supply chain traceability and implementing more sustainable practices. This part of the course focuses on the importance of transparency and responsibility in sourcing and supply chain management.


Learning from Sustainability Leaders

Examine case studies of companies recognized as sustainability leaders. Understand their approach to setting and achieving long-term sustainability goals, and how they influence their suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. This module aims to provide practical examples and best practices that can be emulated.


Transformation of the Chief Sustainability Officer's Role

Delve into the evolving role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Understand the transition from a primarily public relations-focused role to a strategic one, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into the core of corporate strategies. This section highlights the increasing significance of CSOs in shaping sustainable business models.

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