Elena Vrabie

Elena Vrabie

Country Lead in Romania, The Recursive

Elena Vrabie began her media journey by working in a print newsroom, but soon followed her passion for digital, growing different local and international media outlets. 


As a versatile professional, Elena adorns an assortment of hats – seamlessly transitioning from writer to editor, copywriter to business development manager, and marketer to video aficionado.


She holds a degree in Media and Communications Studies from the University of Bucharest, with a specialization in digital media. And has experience as both a team player and an entrepreneur, with experience in the commerce field.


No matter if you are just launching a startup, rebranding, looking to hire rockstars, raising a funding round, or scaling to a new market, you are in need of awareness and she is ready to guide you through this challenging process with a bubbly brainstorming session. 

Course syllabus


Storytelling in the Age of Information Overload

Discover strategies to stand out amidst the constant barrage of advertisements. Learn the art of personalized storytelling and face-to-face engagement to craft marketing messages that truly resonate.


Crafting Virality and Influencer Collaboration

Unravel the mechanics behind viral marketing. Learn how to effectively collaborate with influencers to amplify your brand's message and reach a wider audience.

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