Generative AI for managers

Nicolas Boitout

Nicolas Boitout, PhD

Co-founder Beyond Business School

Nicolas holds a PhD in Quantitative Finance. He loves data and algorithms. He has been designing and running trading systems for large institutions in London and Paris from 2003 to 2012.

In 2012, as part of a family adventure, he settled in Romania and discovered entrepreneurship. He started MarketScience – an AI startup working for international clients.

In 2015, he joined Société Générale Global Business Services as the bank was expanding its IT operations in Bucharest. He grew with the Romanian software developers – a great community. He ended up leading the Center of Excellence AAA (AI, Analytics and Automation) between Romania and India.

In 2021, he joined Inetum, an international IT services company, as Managing Director. His mission: lead the smooth restructuring of its Romanian subsidiary of 500 IT consultants.

Beginning of 2023, ChatGPT is being released. This was a signal. Nicolas jumped back into Tech to embrace the boom of generative AI as consultant.

During all these years, Nicolas has always been teaching within some Masters in France.

In Spring 2023 emerged a new entrepreneurial project: build a business school in Bucharest to assist Romanian business leaders in reaching an international stature. With such a great team of co-founders, Andra and Gregoire, he knows that he can dream big.

Nicolas is the Lead Trainer in this Exec Management Program. He will teach “Generative AI for managers”.

Course syllabus


Session 1

Welcome! History of AI -- some context to navigate this booming domain • Introduction to Predictive AI • Understand Predictive AI by testing examples


Session 2

How Generative AI works • LLM as your thought partner • GenAI Applications (Writing, reading, chatting) • TIPS for prompting • BI on GenAI: which solution, how much does it cost


Session 3

GenAI in software applications • LifeCycle of an AI project • Boost your corporate AI with internal Retrieval Augmented Generation • How GenAI transforms the IT industry • How GenAI transforms Corporate Functions (Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance)


Session 4

Task Analysis of Jobs • New workflows and new opportunities • Responsible AI • Guided discussion on AI risks & Governance (impacts on jobs, autonomous weapons) • Build your Custom GPT (with Irina Raicu - Microsoft)


Session 5

Boost your presentation with AI-generated illustrations (Masterclass with Irina Raicu - Microsoft) • Masterclass with Aurelia Costache - EY