Bringing data science to the business

Remus Racolta

Remus Racolta

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Data Booster

Remus Racolta is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Data Booster, a startup that helps companies with customized data literacy upskilling programs.

With a rich background in Data & Advanced Analytics in diverse sectors like insurance (Allianz) telecommunications (Vodafone) and banking (ING), he is a strong ambassador for cultivating data-driven decision making.

He also firmly believes that data science plays a critical role in building and scaling products that generate high business value across all key areas of the business, including marketing, product development, operations, and finance.

Course syllabus


Why do we need data?

Human biases and the science of decision-making


Data literacy fundamentals

Reading data & analytics • Working with data - data quality management • Communicating with data - The art of data storytelling to engage, inform, and persuade


Data-science models

Supervised learning techniques to predict, classify • Unsupervised learning to understand your data and simplify your dataset


Manage your data team


Business Problems and Data Science Solutions

Use Case #1: Forecasting Sales with Regression • Use Case #2: Identifying Fraud with Classification • Use Case #3: Customer Segmentation with Clustering • Use Case #4: Recommendation engine